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Top Ten travel fears and excuses – the home edition

Posted by UR on March 15, 2011

Mitey Miss goes crazy with an accordian

Not travelling can make you crazy. Accordian crazy.

Last weekend at the Seattle Bike Expo I shared my Top Ten Fears and Excuses for travelling independently. This morning I caught myself counting my Top Ten Fears and Excuses for not travelling:

  1. I’m too old, slow and stupid to start my next career. I’m studying to be a content and technical writer and I’m really excited about using my degree in cognitive psychology to work in IT useability. But there’s so many smart little sprouts out there. Do I stand a chance?
  2. I won’t find a job and will “end up in the gutter”. This is my war-survivor mother Ursula‘s fears, but still.
  3. People will think I’m a crazy cat/log/accordian lady. It’s an emerging phenomenon – just ask the other singleĀ  lady writers out there.
  4. I’ll have to get up too early in the morning. Because I’ll need to learn how to select and pull on pantyhose. In the dark. Yeccch.
  5. I’ll hole up in my apartment and become too isolated. Funny, isolation never seems to be a problem when I’m pedalling solo in a warm, foreign country.
  6. I don’t know how to wear “civilian” clothes. Ironing? Dry-clean? Heels? What?
  7. I won’t get enough vacation time
  8. I won’t make enough money (for vacation time).
  9. I’ll feel stuck in Vancouver. Vancouver is like an attractive and charming spouse – no one can understand why you would want to leave.
  10. I’ll continue to make the mistake of dating men much younger than myself. Er, this is a whole other discussion best reserved for a whole other post…

I’ve previously referred to this as Post-Vacation-Stress-Syndrome. How strange that I experience it after just two nights away in another country. Sigh.



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