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Chocolate Butterflies

Posted by UR on January 5, 2004

In Christmas of 2002, my boyfriend P.H. opened a small package sent from his family in France and sighed. His mother had sent him ~ as she always did ~ a bag of les papillotes, traditional chocolates.

As he untwisted the shiny, ribbony foil of the wrapper, he had told me how the name played on the word for paper le papier and butterfly le papillon. We unwrapped a few chocolates together and let the colourful foil squares flutter to the floor.

The next year, I opened a small package from his mother. It came with a note that, half in English, half in French, bid me the best for the new year. She trusted that P.H. had told me about les papillotes and hoped I would enjoy these.

I imagined her in the little store where they sell the papillotes, placing a gold bag of chocolate butterflies into her basket as she alway does. She slips the chocolates into a small box, wraps it up in brown paper and string, addresses it, and ~ because this year her son chose to kill himself and she cannot bear not to send it to Canada ~ she mails the package to me, with all the love she can muster.


One Response to “Chocolate Butterflies”

  1. I read this on Saturday and the feeling of it stayed with me all weekend. I think you are a beautiful writer.

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